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My True Crime Book ‘Ruxton the First Modern Murder’ Launches as Audio Book

I’m delighted to announce that my true crime book, Ruxton: The First Modern Murder is now available as an audio book.

My Glasgow-based publisher, Ringwood put Ruxton forward for the ‘Publishing Scotland Audio Book Competition’ and we won! I couldn’t be happier with the finished result. Steve Worsley’s voice is perfect for the story. His previous credentials include the narration of Stuart MacBride thrillers. And many thanks to Publishing Scotland for the opportunity to make this happen and to Ringwood Publishing for putting Ruxton forward for the competition!

Ringwood Publishing said: “Rave customer reviews for the print and ebook formats of Ruxton describe it ‘captivating’ and ‘magnificent.’ In her foreword, an integral part of the audiobook, renowned Scottish crime writer Val McDermid, says that ‘Wood tells his compelling story with the clarity and urgency of a thriller’, concluding ‘And it’s a damn good read.’ And now an audiobook, it will be a damn good listen too. Such high praise from McDermid is fully deserved as this audiobook is set to follow in the footsteps of its paperback counterpart and become one of our bestsellers.

“Ruxton is about to become a worldwide phenomenon; set to be the subject of a podcast series in Autumn 2023 by Small Town Dicks, a prestigious Podcast focusing on true crime, with a regular reach of over a million listeners; and with film and television rights already optioned, Ruxton is set to take off on a global scale.

“So get ahead of the crowd and the international acclaim, and buy the audiobook today by clicking here."

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