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A Publishing Deal Secured!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I am delighted to announce, that my true crime book, Ruxton The First Modern Murder is going to be published this summer, by the successful Ringwood Publishing, based in Glasgow! Ruxton is a remarkable story, which I absolutely had to tell about the infamous 'Jigsaw Murders' (as they were also coined) from my perspective as a former detective who was able to obtain access to case documents from the murder investigation that hadn't been viewed for over 80 years!

This case is one of the most complex murder investigations (taking place in 1935 and set in Northwest England/South West Scotland), that the world had ever seen and which showcases the ground-breaking work of Scottish forensic scientists who developed new techniques to solve the case and shaped the future of scientific criminal investigation, worldwide.

I felt a real passion to tell this great, gripping, true life murder story. And felt a sense of duty to convey the ‘behind the scenes’ story and bring some of these forgotten ‘heroes’ in the fields of forensics, anatomy and policing into the limelight because those that worked on this ground-breaking case were amazingly talented, trail blazers of their time, who advanced the way criminal investigations were handled forever and these people deserved deeper recognition!

Ruxton The First Modern Murder will be published this summer.

You can reserve your pre-order here.

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