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Feedback from the Judges at the Scottish National Book Awards...

As many of you may know, my true crime book Ruxton the First Modern Murder was in the running for the most prestigious literary award in the country at the Scottish National Book Awards, run by the Saltire Society, which has been recognising Scotland’s best books since 1937.

I felt so honoured that Ruxton the First Modern Murder had been shortlisted and was amongst a selection of real, high calibre, literary works from our country. These included Cal Flyn's Islands of Abandonment, Shelley Klein's The See-Through House to Peter Ross' A Tomb with a View. And many congratulations to Peter, who went on to win within this category.

I was really delighted to receive this citation from the award's judges who said:

"Fascinating and unforgettable, this book exposes a darkly sinister tale to the light, offering novel insights into not only the criminal case but how its investigation acted as a catalyst for the transformation of modern policing and forensics. Ruxton benefits from a rigorous and resourceful research process, without ever compromising on pace or readability. A decisive moment in criminal history is examined with intelligence, clarity and originality."

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